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I can’t help but applaud Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe for trying to tell people that homophobia is a bad thing., however, slams Radcliffe for failure to tolerate their intolerance simply because he thinks it might be a good idea to teach same-sex sex-ed.   You know, so young gay men and women don’t engage in risky sexual activity without knowing exactly what they’re getting themselves into.  Silly Daniel.

Then, in some kind of spectacular leap of logic that is clearly beyond my limited human comprehension, the article claims that Radcliffe’s telling people that saying hurtful and harmful things that can have a profound negative impact upon LGBT people is both wrong and anti-[theirdefinitionof]-family.  Gosh, clearly this young man is a terrible role model because he wants us to be respectful to each other.

And of course the celibate, wise and over-qualified Dumbledore seems to fail some kind of morality quota and, like all homosexuals regardless of qualifications, should not be allowed to be headmaster.  I wonder when I’ll get around to studying that important fact in my education degree?


~ by ahuttoftea on August 29, 2009.

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  1. I was going to just hit the Like button, but there wasn’t one and I ended up clicking on the “possibly related posts” instead. And. Ew.

    Mission America is an organization that combats the forces of the homosexual and pagan agendas particularly when these forces are directed at children.

    You know, I still haven’t got my Gay Agenda Toaster. I wish we could get on that instead of wasting all this time going after children. Damn.

    Harvey cautions that Rowling’s decision will now force all parents to address the issue of homosexuality with their young children. “Will we allow our kids to believe it would be perfectly appropriate for the headmaster of any school to be homosexual?”

    …. I’ve got nothing. Seriously. People still think like this? I think I want to cry.

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